SAKI BF-Planet-XII 2D In-line AOI

Saki has 2D AOI inspection systems BF-Planet-XII for every size company and every need, whether it’s an offline, online, single lane, dual lane, XL, benchtop, a system that can run double-sided boards simultaneously, or anything in between.

SAKI BF-PLANET XII In-line 2D AOI systems employ a telecentric lens optical system to capture the clearest images. The system corrects for the brightness of the entire sample and compensates for position misalignment in real-time while the image is scanned, assuring inspection results that are accurate, reliable, and repeatable over time. A variety of algorithms and lighting types are available to deal with a wide range of industry inspection requirements. Multiple data handling capabilities are provided, such as switching settings by barcode reading and data output to the customer’s data server to flexibly cope with line requirements.

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