FUJI XPF-L Pick And Place Machine


1.1 Placing heads (“auto-tools”) are exchanged automatically during production:The XPF is the world’s first machine to feature dynamic head exchange.The machine can switch between a high-speed placing head and a multi-purpose head automatically during production to ensure that the most efficient head for the current task is being used.This includes the ability to switch to a glue head, meaning that glue application and part placement can be performed at the same machine.

1.2 No need to decide between a high-speed mounter or multi-purpose machine:Because head exchange is dynamic and automatic, the XPF is a borderless solution, covering high-speed and multi-purpose needs at the same time.Whatever the type of panel, the XPF achieves the optimal balance of production capability, ensuring that you always get the most out of your equipment.

1.3 Support for panels up to 686 x 508 mm with the XPF-W: The XPF-W model is designed to handle large and heavy-duty panels with dimensions up to 686 x 508 (27 x 20 inches) mm and weighing up to 6 kg.

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