JUKI RS-1 Shipment To USA

JUKI RS-1R Shipment TO USA Customer

Enhance Your PCB Assembly Line with JUKI RS-1R Pick And Place Machine – Shipment to USA

As electronics production demands become more complex, PCB assembly lines require advanced machinery that can keep up with high-speed placement and precision requirements. That’s where the JUKI RS-1R Pick and Place Machine comes in, offering a reliable and efficient solution for all your PCB assembly needs. In this article, we will explore the benefits of the JUKI RS-1R Pick and Place Machine and why it’s worth considering for your production line.

High-speed Placement and Accuracy

The JUKI RS-1R Pick and Place Machine offers high-speed placement and accuracy, thanks to its advanced technology. It features a multi-nozzle laser head that can place components at speeds of up to 42,000 CPH, with a placement accuracy of up to ±0.03mm. This means you can significantly increase your production speed while maintaining precise component placement.

Automated Assembly

The machine’s automated assembly system minimizes the need for manual intervention, reducing the risk of errors and improving efficiency. The JUKI RS-1R Pick and Place Machine also feature intelligent feeders that can hold up to 120 reels, reducing the need for frequent component replacements and increasing overall productivity.

Easy to Operate

The JUKI RS-1R Pick and Place Machine have an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to operate, even for those with limited experience in PCB assembly. The machine’s software allows for quick setup and programming of complex production runs, with minimal downtime.

USA Shipment

The JUKI RS-1R Pick and Place Machine is available for shipment to USA customers, making it easier for you to upgrade your production line without the hassle of international logistics.


Overall, the JUKI RS-1R Pick and Place Machine offer a range of benefits for PCB assembly lines, including high-speed placement, accuracy, automated assembly, and ease of use. With its availability for shipment to USA customers, it’s worth considering as an upgrade to your current production line. Trust in the JUKI RS-1R to improve your production speed and accuracy, and meet the increasing demands of electronics production.

After careful inspection and packaging, JUKI’s RS-1 high-speed placement machine is shipped to customers in the United States.





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